February 13 2021

Molly Ash made it to Radium level on Atomic with the song “Daisies”, the song made it onto the Atomic Countdown and was there for three separate stints, something that doesn’t happen every day on Atomic.

Radium is reached when an artist’s song has accumulated 500 points and it can be gathered by purchases, likes and listens.

After the success of “Daisies”, Molly added “Tried To Love You” to Atomic and it already has had success as the song entered the Countdown at No. 19 and at the moment is holding No. 16.

You can listen to “Tried To Love You” by clicking/tapping here and listening will earn Molly a point to her total as “Tried To Love You” makes its way to 500 points, in the interest of fairness a point only registers with your first listen of a particular song over 24 hours so nobody can endlessly loop a song to make points.

It may ask you to create a free Atomic account

If you are signed up, the below is what you do to get to “Tried To Love You” or even any other Independent artist you know that is on Atomic (just change the artist name).

1. Visit https://stream.atomicmusic.space/ and create an account or login if you haven’t done so
2. Search for Molly Ash using the search bar at the top of the page, pick the profile with the microphone icon next to it.
3. Click/tap on the heart icon next to both “Daisies” and “Tried To Love You”, give it a few seconds between each one
4. Click/tap play on both songs, one at a time of course.
5. You can purchase both songs, a purchase is worth 50 points, payment is through PayPal for ease.

Any Independent Artist in Australia can join Atomic and you watch this tutorial video to know how to sign up and get started and then you watch this video as it will teach you how to upload your music and pretty soon you’ll be ready to go.

YMA will continue to report on Molly’s music news as it comes to hand.