December 24 2020

December is usually a month you see people doing renditions of classic Christmas songs or releasing new Christmas songs hoping they’ll become a success for those looking for new tunes to freshen up the Christmas Day playlist.

For those who are hoping for just regular music to be released this month have their wish granted as Verona Rose released her new song “Overthinking”.

Those who follow Verona’s progress would of seen this song and music video being crafted over the last couple of months with plenty of behind the scenes imagery posted online especially pictures of filming taking place around a car.

The BTS photos make a lot of sense when you watch the music video, it is a clever music video that makes good use of technology.

The video is doing well with over 600 views at this present time and hopefully soon it will be in the four figure range and continue to go up from there.

YMA will continue to report on Verona’s music news as it comes to hand.