December 2 2020

Leea Nanos has been busy in the last couple of months as her music career goes from strength to strength.

New music is on its way but before that happens, fans have the opportunity to take in two cover music videos that were recently released.

The above video, a rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Lonely” is doing well with viewing totals approaching 300 views.

The second video is a rendition of Blackpink’s “Pretty Savage” and it has 1,300+ views at this present time.

The song has a mixture of English and Korean singing, it makes this video unique for Leea and her fans as she has not done one in this way before.

“Pretty Savage” has given Leea her best music video figures in six months, it could be for a number of reasons but hopefully it is because the song has grabbed attention from South Korea as they love their music and if it has got their attention then it can bring about great opportunities

YMA will continue reporting on Leea’s music news as it comes to hand.