February 14 2019

Kaitlyn Thomas recently released her song ‘First Kiss’ and it has been doing well with the song making it on to the Top 40 airplay charts when it comes to country music on Australian radio.

This song was co-written with Katrina Burgoyne and was produced by frequent producer Lee Bradshaw with the music video being produced by Gary Robertson (Jarrah Films).

Now fans and the generally curious can check out the music video and those who know their Australian TV from the late 1980’s will know one person really well and that is Greg Evans who hosted Perfect Match Australia with great success.

This is a fun music video to watch as it has that 1980’s feel complete with the TV at the start and it is always good when a music video is filled with fun as it presents something different than a serious music video that resembles a short movie.

YMA will continue to report on Kaitlyn’s music news as it comes to hand.