August 30 2019

Rebekah Kirk has today released the music video to her new song ‘Haunted’.

‘Haunted’ runs for four minutes and five seconds which is a good length of time for a song.

Whilst ‘Haunted’ sounds like a title that could have a video shot in a cemetery or a haunted house, it was actually shot in a church, a nice looking church to be exact.

The video has Rebekah front and centre with a two piece band playing behind her with everyone getting plenty of screen time as they do what they do best.

It is a song that is easy to listen to, there’s no instruments overwhelming the vocals and there are no vocals screamed so you can listen to it easily and give thought to what the words mean to you.

Monkey Box Films have put together an excellent music video for Rebekah and hopefully fans will reward the effort with views.

YMA will continue to report on Rebekah’s music news as it comes to hand.