August 22 2019

Erin Bolland has released a couple of music videos in over the last month.

A cover of Amy Wadge’s ‘Faith’s Song’ is one of them and it is doing well with the video recently passing the 100 view mark which is good as three figures is always better than two.

It is a good quality music video, recorded in 720p and the sound comes out nicely so you’ll have no trouble listening to Erin’s always dependable singing.

The second is an audio only recording of Birdy’s ‘Not About Angels’ and this recording runs for just over three and a half minutes which is a good length for a song, the quality is good, you don’t need it to be too loud to be alright.

It hasn’t been on long but there is no reason to believe that it won’t do as well as ‘Faith’s Song’.

YMA will continue to report on Erin’s music news as it comes to hand.