July 8 2019

Verona Rose is an artist that we have known for quite some time now and it is always good to see how things are after a period of time.

Fans and the generally curious currently have the option of listening to six of her songs on SoundCloud and this six have a lot of variety to them which is good.

The most popular track is Stuck which was made with ntsmm, this track has raked in 2,836 listens.

The most recent release has been ‘Fault’ and that has 73 listens on SoundCloud and hopefully this track will get more listens in the near future.

Click on https://soundcloud.com/veronarose/tracks to have a listen to all six songs and look to the right hand side for places like Spotify, Twitter, Instagram and more.

YMA will continue to report on Verona’s music news as it comes to hand.