June 22 2019

It is hard to believe that over five years ago, Youth Music Alive were making amateur music video shows featuring people who were pretty much starting their journeys in the music industry.

It wasn’t perfect, the music videos were great but when it came to hosting etc, it was a bare bones operation that definitely wasn’t made in the hopes of raking in money, it actually never has made a cent.

Earlier today, my good friend Opal dropped a line asking if I still had her video of her singing a song and at first we thought the answer was no.

However a check of Youth Music Alive 1×02 revealed that it actually did exist and the link was promptly given to her for her to enjoy.

1×02 had Brooke Falls, Aditi Lyer,  Kaitlyn Thomas and Opal and it was a great combination as all four have different styles and that opens up possibilities for viewers.

1×02 has reached 170 views which is a good number, anything over one view is a good number, that should always be remembered.

When thinking back, Kids who participated when Youth Music Alive episodes were made are now teenagers and the teenagers who participated are now adults and when I read about colleges, relationships, first cars and seeing attire changes then I realize that time has gone by quicker than I thought, a lot quicker.

It was great to see the episode once more and who knows if it would inspire future episodes, it may be hard at 33 and wobbly health to make episodes but if people want them then we’ll see what happens just got to pick the right spot to film from.