May 1 2019

Cassidy-Rae Wilson has been busy in recent months cruising along the seas, meeting lots of people and visiting beautiful places along the way.

She has also recorded music for her fans and the general public to listen to in the future.

Fans were delighted when a couple of days ago, her rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’ was released and it contains everything that has made Cassidy receive plenty of attention and two of those things are her voice and her cheerful personality.

‘ME!’ has received 3,400+ views and those are good numbers so early on in the going, one thing is certain and that is that the numbers will continue to keep on rising based on her rather large fanbase.

So what can we tell you about ‘More’? We can tell you that you can pre-order it on iTunes, it costs at least in Australia $1.69, it runs for four minutes and twenty seconds and

It is going to be an interesting time when ‘More’ is released and we will of course write all about it.

YMA will continue to report on Cassidy’s music news as it comes to hand.