January 10 2019

SAMI is off and running in 2019, she is currently visiting Errol Flynn country (Tasmania) giving the Tasmanians an exhibition of her live performance abilities.

She’s also released her first music video and it is a live rendition of Shania Twain’s classic ‘Still The One’.

The good news of viewers is that this rendition is not an attempt to copy Shania Twain, it is always good to see somebody do a song in their own unique way as it keeps it fresh and you learn a lot about the artist in the process.

We find this performance to be enjoyable, it sounded good to our ears and hopefully you will come to a similar conclusion.

A little volume is required for this music video but it isn’t a big issue, hopefully this video will attract a good number of viewers and potential new fans.

YMA will continue to report on SAMI’s music news as it comes to hand.