December 17 2018

Alyssa Trahan’s latest single ‘Because I’m A Girl’ continues to do well.

It was the sixth most played song on She Wolf Radio ensuring that the song would reach plenty of ears across the world.

It has also been written about or talked about across the internet and it appears that instead of posts about the song decreasing over time, posts about the song are increasing over time.

The issue of equality in music is growing in importance and the solution seems so simple, split airtime 50/50 to give listeners the best possible choice.

The same can also go for TV music channels, splitting time 50/50 is not only fair but also enables more opportunity for artists.

Many radio listeners will tell you that one of the biggest problems with radio is that radio stations have a tendency to repeat their playlist or repeat certain songs, eliminating this problem would cost stations more money but it would open up opportunity to many artists who previously didn’t get airtime.

Don’t forget that Alyssa’s song ‘I’m Here For The Dog’ is up for ‘YMA Readers Favourite Music Video For 2018‘, to vote just click here and make your selection, you can vote once a week until December 31 (Australian time) and you can share the poll if you wish to do so.

YMA will continue to report on Alyssa’s music news as it comes to hand.