December 5 2018

Our Poll has been running for just over a week now and so far 365 votes have been casted and those votes have gone to a total of 10 artists.

Below is the Top 5 as it stands today (December 5).

1. If I Could Start Today AgainĀ  – Molly Ash
2. Walking On Fire – Cassidy Paris
3. Nothing Left For You – Belynda Monro
4. My Heart Is BrokenĀ  – Victoria K
5. God Is A Woman – Erin Bolland

If anyone is wondering about voting more than once, you should be allowed to do so but you have to wait a week between votes, we were hoping people could only vote once but there is no option for that and a week was the maximum.

Whoever is leading at lunch on December 31 (Australian time) will see their music video declared ‘YMA Readers Favourite Music Video For 2018’ and a post will be written up detailing their video and how their 2018 went.

We have some creative ideas to put the results to good use for everyone to have a great end to 2018, stay tuned for more details.

Voting can be done on the right hand side of this page for computer users, below for tablet users or click here.

Any questions can be left as a comment here or inbox us on FB.