November 30 2018

Alyssa Trahan’s new single ‘Because I Am A Girl’ is making an impact across the world this week.

She considers the song to be the most honest song in her career and people like honesty, people do like songs that provide commentary on how life currently is.

At the moment there is a feeling and evidence of inequality between Men and Women, A man and a woman could do the exact same job, have the exact same experience and yet be paid differently usually in the man’s favor.

What a woman wears to premieres etc is picked apart in TV and in print yet a famous man could wear a red t-shirt and gray pants and nobody would really care.

Alyssa is saying that there no equality in Country Music, others agree for example on says that a woman has to work twice as hard in the industry only to receive half the success.

Only one woman (Kacey Musgraves) was nominated for CMA Album of the Year this year despite many saying there should of been more based on sales and other factors such as critics acclaim.

Talent is often shoved aside for judgements on looks, we see it all the time and we’ve even seen somebody tell an artist they wanted to lick their feet and one parent got told they had a sexy 18 year old daughter.

Equality can easily happen on radio, there is 24 hours a day, you can play one of each no problem day and night and also eliminate the problem of repeated songs several times a day.

Change is coming in the world and hopefully it makes it to Country Music too, the below examples are Australian but that is because of locality.

Governments across Australia are pushing for 50/50 when it comes to positions in Government and 50/50 for candidates in State and Federal Politics, of course 50/50 in Government is dependent on whether enough of both sexes are elected to equally fill positions.

Women’s Soccer, Basketball, Aussie Rules Football and Cricket are now all on TV and Video Games in Australia when just a couple of years ago you’d hardly hear a word about the Soccer and Cricket and the Aussie Rules league (AWFL) did not exist yet.

‘Because I’m A Girl’ has had many positive comments about its release, people want to see more female country music singers, people believe the song won’t be played on country radio, that the words in the song are ‘so real to the struggles of women’.

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