November 28 2018

Today we have launched our ‘YMA Readers Favourite Music Video For 2018’ poll to find out what our readers have liked this year.

Below are over 20 music videos made by artists around the world over the course of this year, we have selected where possible their most watched video so everyone gets the best possible shot of attention.

Please take your time looking at the videos, you might find a couple of new artists to like while spending time going through all the videos.

Polls close on December 31 and computer users can find the poll on the right hand side and at the bottom for mobile/tablet users or click here to be taken to a voting page.

Belynda is back making music videos and she is in fine music form at this moment as you will see above in the Sam Smith cover.

‘Adore’ is Brittany Leo’s latest single and it has been rewarded with attention from around the world.

EMBER released ‘Shipwrecked’, became our most read about Artist in October and brought awareness to the wreck of HMAS Cerberus.

SAMI has had a busy 2018, she has a band SAMI and The Jets and has a hectic schedule performing anywhere she can travel to.

Kira Taylor is a warrior, she doesn’t let Cystic Fibrosis stop her from doing anything and that includes getting a good education and releasing music.

Daniel Shaw’s video for ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ quickly racked up 75,000 views and is making its way towards 100,000.

‘I Know You Won’t’ is another excellent performance from Kaitlyn and it will be interesting to see what the rest of the year and 2019 will bring.

Rebekah Kirk hasn’t recorded many music videos this year but she is making a name for herself by frequently performing live.

Erin Bolland has recorded a treasure trove of material this year, ‘God Is A Woman’ is just one of them.

‘A Million Dreams’ gave Maddie Wilson a one million view video, her other videos are also doing strongly.

Karlyn has had a good 2018 and is starting to expand her fan base across the world especially in her home country.

Molly Ash has topped the Triple J Unearthed charts this year and has released a couple of videos this year.

Brooke Falls continues to get attention for her recording efforts, this music video is proof.

Bernadette Kathryn has worked hard on the road this year but that is nothing new for it is something she does year in and year out.

We haven’t seen a lot of Ava Davis this year but she did release two good music videos this year and is currently getting through College.

Cali Rodi got to have a good party with ‘Party Favor’ with the music video scoring over 100,000 views.

Verona Rose released this track this year, it will be interesting to see what her future holds as she can go places in many areas of life.

Victoria K has had a solid year, she’s also a chance to be crowned our most read about artist for 2018 after tying in 2017.

Last year Alyssa sang about Pickles, this year she sings about getting her dog, both got plenty of attention, it pays to have a sense of humor in song.

Aria Taylor is trying her luck in the USA and so far she is doing well with movie appearances lined up or already in the can, she also re-released ‘Summer’s Coming’.

Aubrey is the youngest artist written about at YMA and she works hard on her music, she has a sizable following and it will improve in future years.

We haven’t seen a lot of Erica this year but we usually see a lot of her at the end of afterall she did had have a strong end of 2017 and a strong start to 2018.

Leea has had a great 2018 and it will be interesting to see what happens over the course of 2019.

Cassidy Paris has had good success this year with ‘Walking On Fire’ grabbing 4,600+ views on YouTube and hopefully will get some more by December 31.