November 9 2018

Daniel Shaw’s official video for ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ has had a fantastic start on YouTube.

The music video has received over 75,000 views and has just become his highest viewed music video on YouTube breaking his record that has stood for five years.

‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ is a wonderful song, it has a great sound and it is also sung beautifully and should get the attention of those looking for a song that sticks in the mind.

The music video is interesting, it is filmed in an empty swimming pool and complex which is something you don’t see every day, the video is also shot in low light which adds something special to the music video.

‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ is now available on iTunes, Spotify and cdbaby┬áso if you like what you hear and you want a copy to keep or stream, visit those locations.

YMA will continue to report on Daniel’s music news as it comes to hand.