November 2 2018

Today we were asked if we could share Cassidy Paris’ new single ‘Walking On Fire’ and we agreed as that is part of what we do.

Cassidy Paris is a fifteen year old Victorian (we’re popular with Victorians) who has over 2,000 likes on her Facebook page, has a wide taste in music from Taylor Swift to Heart and is signed to¬†Shout Out Loud & PRN Group Management.

Her videos have done well with several over 1,000 views and one that has over 10,000 views which is excellent work.

‘Walking On Fire’ is a four minute music video that was released in August this year, it has over 3,500 views and it has 130 thumbs up ratings.

The video is presented in beautiful HD quality and there is a nice variety of shooting locations from day to night and indoors.

We look forward to reporting more of Cassidy’s music news as it comes to hand.