October 19 2018

Brittany Leo fans were rejoicing today for everyone now has the opportunity to listen to and buy Brittany’s new song ‘Adore’.

It runs for 3 minutes and 52 seconds and it looks like the official music video is about to be rolled out to everyone as it is unlisted but it is already available to watch at a variety of locations (including some of the links in the next paragraph).

‘Adore’ has been released to some great interest, you can find Brittany or entries about her song on airit.org, Joy 94.9, Daily Play MPE, Get Cereal and more.

The song can be purchased on iTunes and heard on Apple Music as well as other locations.

To put simply, fans will adore this song, a lot of effort has been put into it, it sounds really good to our ears and we believe it is a song that will do well if it continues to get attention and fast.

YMA will continue to report on Brittany’s music news as it comes to hand.