October 1 2018

We have a new artist to introduce to our readers and it is EMBER.

EMBER according to her website is a 17 year old Victorian resident (that’s an Australian state for our international readers) who has been singing for eight years and has really made strides in the last three years.

Her music video ‘Shipwrecked’ was released on September 20 and can be seen below, it be either purchased or streamed at places like CDbaby, Spotify, iTunes and other locations.

The music video is very interesting, not only is there a bathtub on the beach which is something you don’t see every day but you can also see in beautiful detail in the background the remains of HMAS (previously HMVS) Cerberus which was a ship (a Monitor design) that first defended the state of Victoria in the late 1800’s and then post 1901 Australia.

We think people will like this song, it is well put together and it will be interesting to see what EMBER does with follow up releases.

YMA will continue to report on EMBER’s music news as it comes to hand.