April 20 2018

Claudia Tripp earlier this week released on YouTube a rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Delicate’.

Claudia and Taylor Swift go together well, every time there is a new Taylor Swift song released it is a certainty that Claudia will cover it, cover it fast and cover it with quality.

Claudia is not alone in this new music video asĀ Cal Hall joined her both vocally and instrumentally, this collaboration has been going on for some time as they did release a rendition of ‘In Your Atmosphere‘ last year.

‘Delicate’ is an interesting music video, it is shot outside which is uncommon for Claudia and also this song has post production layering as well which makes it interesting.

Sound wise, this song is everything you expect from Claudia, it sounds clear, sung with great effort and it is beautifully put together.

YMA will continue to report on Claudia’s music news as it comes to hand.