April 8 2018

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been tuning in to Cassidy-Rae Wilson‘s live Facebook videos as she performs to crowds all over the place to check out how things are.

These videos have been very insightful as viewers can see the range of songs Cassidy performs, the level of interest that crowds have and the important part how good her performances are.

The range is wide, the interest appears high and the performances are good, there is a high amount of energy behind the keyboards, you will see her legs moving up and down, the head moving around and she can get the crowd going when certain songs require audience participation.

It would be interesting to see if some songs from all the various performances could be cobbled together to make some sort of concert film and put on YouTube.

The lengthy video could be like the Elvis films of the 1970’s or Paul McCartney’s concert film ‘Get Back’ which while it appeared to be one show was actually bits from an entire concert tour.

In conclusion we don’t see the phone stop ringing for Cassidy to do live performances anytime soon as she has everything a venue manager would want to see in a performer, energy, enthusiasm, and talent.