March 6 2018

Just under five months ago Alyssa Trahan released ‘Pickle Jar‘ and it was a massive success as it has picked up over 118,000 views.

Now just under three weeks ago, Alyssa released ‘I’m Here for the Dog’ and this song has also done good business with 27,000 views at this present time.

The title sums it up pretty well, a relationship breaks down, the woman returns, ex thinks she’s back for him but he is informed in no uncertain terms that she ain’t back for him, she’s back to get the dog.

Those who love ‘Pickle Jar’ will love this song, it is a sharp music video and a strong song, it has humor and it has seriousness and everything comes together well.

YMA will continue to report on Alyssa’s music news as it comes to hand.