December 31 2017

It was another big, long year for YMA as over 230 stories were written up over the course of the twelve months of the year.

With every story having a minimum of 100 words apiece, that means over 23,000 words were written.

We started the year off with three different artists getting to the top at the end of each month, April was the first and only tie with Annabelle Kempf and SAMI sharing the honours for April.

Annabelle Kempf’s fans backed her up in May to be the first artist with back to back most reads in a month, Sophie Koorhan dominated June with ‘In Denial’ and Victoria K reached the top in July.

Aria Taylor narrowly denied Victoria K getting two months in a row but Victoria K wasn’t to be denied a back to back result by taking out September and October.

Molly Ash made her entrance in November and ended up taking top spot at the end of the month and Erica Mourad’s made it to the top in December thanks to her rendition of ‘A Christmas Hallelujah’.

January – Samantha LaPorta
February – Brittany Leo
March – Vinyl Ambush
April – Annabelle Kempf and SAMI
May – Annabelle Kempf
June – Sophie Koorhan
July – Victoria K
August – Aria Taylor

September –  Victoria K
October – Victoria K music
November -Molly Ash
December – Erica Mourad

Artists with the most read end of month reports: Victoria K
Artist with the highest read report in 2017  : Victoria K

Total website visits for 2017: 3,330
Total amount of visitors to website: 2,090
Total followers on Twitter: 430
Total likes on YMA Facebook page: 253

Stories with over 100 reads: 2
Stories between 90 and 99 reads: 1
Stories between 80 and 89 reads: 1
Stories between 70 and 79 reads: 2
Stories between 60 and 69 reads: 3
Stories between 50 and 59 reads: 4
Stories between 40 and 49 reads: 6