December 6 2017

The Christmas songs continue to come in and this week Eric Mourad released one of her own.

‘A Christmas Hallelujah’┬áis the song of choice and it is a Christmas version of the popular Leonard Cohen song ‘Hallelujah’.

Erica sings this live and it turns out quite well despite all the problems that can spring up for a live recording such as distance from the performer, distance from speakers etc.

One cool part of the video is that if you look on the left of the screen you can see Erica on the projector screen but it is from a different camera so you get two views for the price of one.

Overall, we like this video and many if not all of Erica’s fans as well as the generally curious should be satisfied with the final product.

YMA will continue to report on Erica’s music news as it comes to hand.