November 27 2017

Claudia Tripp last week released on YouTube a video of herself playing ‘Anymore’ on radio station Mix 94.5.

The video just runs a tick under four minutes in length and there is a promo of the official music video of ‘Anymore’ before the action starts.

It must be a great thrill of any artist getting to perform their song live on radio, it goes back to the days before Television when you just had a choice of hearing music stars on live on radio or seeing them in sketches or photographs in the newspaper (at least up to 1927 before the Talkies era).

Now days you can not only hear an artist perform live on radio but also watch them perform live on video in the radio studio.

This video is a treat and so far over 200 people have enjoyed it with 34 giving it a Thumbs Up rating.

YMA will continue to report on Claudia’s music news as it comes to hand.