November 17 2017

Alayna has this week released a cover of Garth Brooks ‘Ask Me How I Know’ on YouTube for her fans and the generally curious to check out.

The video comes in at a nice 3 minutes and 32 seconds and only 16 seconds of that time is spent on either an intro and an outtro ensuring that viewers get lots of music.

The original came off a 2016 album and was released as a single in March 2017, it ended up being #90 on the Hot 100 and #16 on the Hot Country Songs charts.

Alayna performs the song with enthusiasm and gusto which is pretty much standard issue for all her music videos.

The video has 30 thumbs up ratings and 154 views but it is still puzzling to us why it has so little views as there are 5,800 subscribers plus a lot of FB likes, it is perhaps just chalked up to the quirks of the internet.

YMA will continue to report on Alayna’s music news as it comes to hand.