November 4 2017

Tara Favell’s music video to her single ‘Heart-Break’ has recently reached 2,500 views.

Our last report in August had it 99 views away from making it to 2,500 and currently it is 27 views over it.

2,500 is a good number but we feel that the song deserves more considering Tara is a high in demand performer, she has over 3,200 subscribers on YouTube and her channel less than 50,000 views from cracking the 1 million view mark.

Fans and the generally curious can still buy a physical copy of ‘Heart-Break’ for $5 plus P&H with the CD containing two versions of the song plus ‘All I Need’, included in the purchase is the fact that the cover is personally signed.

iTunes users can purchase the song by clicking on this link.

YMA will continue to report on Tara’s music news as it comes to hand.