November 1 2018

After a series of covers, Tatum Quinn has taken the covers off her original music video titled ‘Set You Straight’.

Tatum co-wrote the song with Ben Cardilli and the video was produced by Dan Libman & Rubicon Pictures & Media.

It is an interesting music video, there’s a lot of food involved, a nice Mustang and perhaps the most curious thing about the video is that Tatum is sitting dressed in a bathtub full of what appears to be Milk and Fruit Loops which must not have been a whole lot of fun.

‘Set You Straight’ is a pretty fast paced song and it should do well on YouTube, it is already the third most watched videos out of Tatum’s eight music videos online and should top the list real soon.

YMA will continue to report on Tatum’s music news as it comes to hand.