October 26 2017

Brittany Leo released on YouTube a rendition of Madison Beer’s ‘Dead’ for her fans and the generally curious to check out from today.

It has been seven months since we’ve last seen a video from Brittany and it is a welcome return.

This new video is made with quality as Brittany is accompanied on Piano by Lee Bradshaw and the music video is made by Jarrah Film.

Vocally Brittany displays her powerful voice in the best possible way and you can see how invested into the song she is by her gestures and movement.

Fans can also listen to ‘Dead’ on Soundcloud enabling everyone to hear the rendition in more places.

In further Brittany news, her top 3 videos are separated by just 373 views with ‘Starting Over’ leading the trio.

YMA will continue to report on Brittany’s music news as it comes to hand.