October 18 2017

Leea Nanos’ ‘Unstoppable’ may be living up to its title as it has made the Grand Final for ‘Listen Up’.

There were 712 entries at the start of the competition and now the total has been whittled down to just five and being part of the Final 5 makes her part of just .7% of all the entries.

Luckily for her fans and the generally curious, her Top 10 performance was recorded and uploaded for everybody to see.

The video quality is excellent and while the parts of the performance may be dominated by the┬ábacking track as it is closest the camera, Leea’s vocals does get above the track and viewers get to hear her at her best.

We wish Leea the very best in the Grand Final.

YMA will continue to report on Leea’s music news as it comes to hand.