A month ago we checked out Tara Favell’s music videos and it revealed that a couple of them were pretty close to reaching milestones.

Below is the updated results a month and a day later.

Heart-Break‘ is now just 99 views away from reaching 2,500 views, it was 167 views away on August 21.

This Town‘ has passed 250 views, it sits on 254 views.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever‘ is only 17 views away from getting to 250 views.

Out of the Woods‘ is now 16 views away from reaching 500 views.

7 Years‘ is now 27 views away from joining the 500 views club.

Perfect‘ is has reached the 500 view milestone, it now sits on 502 views.

Wildest Dreams‘ has reached 750 views, it is sitting on 752 views and is on the final quarter of its journey to 1,000 views.

Thinking Out Loud‘ is still just four views away from joining the 1,000 views club.

In summing up, ‘Heart-Break’ made the biggest gains which is encouraging for it is an original by Tara.

YMA will continue to report on Tara’s music news as it comes to hand.