September 9 2017

Victoria K late yesterday released on YouTube a new cover music video.

The new video is a rendition of Metallica’s ‘The Unforgiven’ and providing the guitar playing on this recording is Max Hull.

The original ‘The Unforgiven’ was a Top 10 charting song in Australia in 1992 making it one of four countries to put the song in their Top 10.

So far this video is keeping up with Victoria’s fast starts with a total of almost 350 views and 52 Thumbs Up ratings meaning this song could easily be her 9th consecutive music video to reach over 1,000 views.

The video is pretty well made with lots of different camera shots and video technology used to put the two performers together.

Producing the vocals was Lee Bradshaw from Bradshaw Music Productions, a business that readers have heard about many times before.

YMA will continue to report on Victoria K’s music news as it comes to hand.