September 4 2017

Kaitlyn Thomas has today unveiled her first cover music video in almost three months on YouTube.

The song of choice is ‘Rock and Roll’ and it was made famous by Led Zeppelin, ‘Rock and Roll’ came off their fourth album Led Zeppelin IV and also was released as a single in 1971, the song is also notable for having original Rolling Stones member Ian Stewart playing on the track.

This rendition lives up to the song title which is a great and the video also has footage of Kaitlyn performing the song in Nashville last year in parts of the video including the crowd’s appreciation of her singing at the end of the live performance.

Video and Sound quality is good so fans will have no trouble hearing and seeing all the action and the music video should do well for her over the next couple of days leading to figures in the four figure range perhaps even higher.

YMA will continue to report on Kaitlyn’s music news as it comes to hand