August 13 2017

New on YouTube from Cameron Molloy is a video of him performing his song ‘Concrete Sheets’.

This new song performance for his fans and the generally curious to check out was taken at the Hullabaloo Festival in Perth, Andover.

The song itself is about the viewpoint of a person who is forced to live on the streets and is crying out for help.

Homelessness is a big issue around the world with Sydney, Australia being in the news this last week as authorities have been fighting over a tent city that has popped up in one of the city’s popular areas.

‘Concrete Sheets’ is a song that must be heard and its words thought about long after the last note is played.

In other news from Cameron, his FB page is just ten likes away from 1,500 likes.

YMA will continue to report on Cameron’s music news as it comes to hand.