YMA has been around for some time and we’ve written about a lot of music, over 1,000 stories to be exact.

We’ve seen pre-teens turn into teenagers and teenagers turn into adults, we’ve seen evolutions in sound, confidence, styles and so much more.

So we present to you a playlist of songs that we have enjoyed over the last couple of years, a second 20 song playlist is in the works as couldn’t fit everyone into the one list and we hope you’ll enjoy this one and the next one.

1. Tara Favell – Heart-Break
2. Aria Taylor – Tongue Tied
3. Awaking Tyler – Live Again
4. JukeBoy Emmett – Perfect Life For Me
5. Jourdain – Damned If I Don’t
6. Karlyn – It’s Alright
7. Aydan – Stitches
8. Tessa – Drive All Night
9. Sophie Koorhan – In Denial
10. Siobhan Cotchin – All Night All Right
11. Brandon Bailey – My Way
12. Ivana – Magic Music
13. Kaitlyn Thomas – Is This Real
14. Brittany Leo – Need It
15. Lucia Tepper – Corners
16. Maddie Wilson – Freckles
17. Kira Taylor – God Made Girls
18. Belynda Monro – Fall In Love
19. Cassidy-Rae Wilson – Just Smile
20. The Euphorics – Dance With Me