Alayna has released on YouTube a rendition of Maren Morris’ ‘I Could Use A Love Song’.

This new video features Alayna performing the song with her trusty guitar and this video comes with the usual high quality video and sound production standards that fans have gotten used to seeing over the years.

Alayna is currently in the studio putting together new tracks for her fans and future fans to enjoy down the track and it will be interesting to hear what results from those recording sessions.

Fundraising is underway for the EP which is called Wicked City and it is currently 47% funded with 35 days left.

Fans have ten options that can be brought for $100 or under for example a digital copy of the EP cost $10, a signed photo costs $15 and if you want something really big, the biggest perk in the entire range costs $1000 USD, fans can check out all the options here.

YMA will continue to report on Alayna’s music news as it comes to hand.