Tara Favell’s ‘Heart-Break’ is marching towards 2,000 views on YouTube.

Viewing figures for ‘Heart-Break’ are bigger than the previous four music videos combined and it is now currently chasing down her cover of One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ (3,602) to be her best video in terms of views since July 2015.

This result is well deserved as YMA has always believed that Tara has the ability to release songs that reach thousands of people each time as it has been done by her many times before.

Tara currently has a busy schedule with shows planned for the next two days at the Hurstville RSL tonight from 5pm to 9pm (Friday Feb 24) followed by appearing at Restaurant 317 in Parramatta on Saturday February 25th from 4:10pm and YMA hopes that those in attendance will view her videos and expand their popularity.

YMA will continue to report on Tara’s music news as it comes to hand.