Tara Favell released the music video for her new single ‘Heart-Break’ on YouTube today.

Those familiar with Tara’s videos will probably find it odd¬†that the music video is not set in a room like the vast majority of past videos but fans will be very happy to know her sparkly ¬†guitar does show up in the video so there is a level of familiarity in ‘Heart-Break’.

The video is presented in excellent video and sound quality with lots of different locations featured and it looks like everyone involved in the music video had a really great time.

The song has a great sound and could be considered catchy by those listening to it wherever they are right around the world and we really hope the song does well.

The best news is that the song is now available on iTunes and can be purchased by clicking on this link

YMA will continue to report on Tara’s music news as it comes to hand.