Samantha LaPorta has been busy in the last week with three videos released in that time span.

First video to be uploaded was her appearance on BlabTV’s ‘It’s About Town’¬†and fans will get to learn a lot from the video which runs for a good 13 minutes.

The second video is perhaps a golden moment, the moment when an artist hears their song played on the radio for the very first time knowing that at the moment thousands of people are listening to your song.

It is a short video but it is an emotional one and those aspiring to get themselves heard on radio will be thinking of having a similar emotion when it is their turn.

The third video was a cover of the Christmas standard ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ and it has done respectable business for Samantha and should do so for some time to come.

The video does have good video and sound quality and should be really enjoyed by those watching from around the world.

YMA will continue to report on Samantha’s music news as it comes to hand.