So far YMA has made 26 videos and so we have enough to make a Top 10 list based on view totals.

The great news is that all of YMA’s episodes are in the Top 10 with two editions of YMA NEWS also in the ten and our birthday video to Cassidy-Rae Wilson is number two which could give us a career in birthday videos if we are ever serious about it.

Unlucky to miss out on the Top 10 is YMA Presents Crystal Hofbauer which was passed by Youth Music Alive – 2×03 just yesterday to take tenth spot on its own.

We’ll check back in six months to see what the Top 10 looks like and we thank everyone who has seen a video made by us and hope you keep on doing so into the future.

YMA’s Top 10 Videos

1. Youth Music Alive – 1×02
2. Happy Birthday Cassidy-Rae Wilson
3. Youth Music Alive 1×03
4. Youth Music Alive – 1×01
5. Youth Music Alive – 1×04
6. Youth Music Alive – 2×02
7. Youth Music Alive – 2×01
8. YMA NEWS – December 2016
10. Youth Music Alive – 2×03