The Euphorics have gotten into the Christmas spirit by releasing a cover of ‘Mary, Did You Know?’.

This new cover by the group is a nicely made music video with everything up close visually supported by sharp quality video and good, clear sound.

Fans and the generally curious should enjoy what is on offer as all the voices go together well in the song which is pretty much standard for the group.

Previous video ‘How Far I’ll Go’ has been an inspired choice with the view total so far matching the best of the videos that the group have released in 2016 and  ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ has a good chance of reaching similar or better figures before the year is out.

Meanwhile the group is approaching 1,500 likes on Facebook, they are just 20 likes away and YMA hopes that they will reach the milestone in the near future.

YMA will continue to report on The Euphorics music news as it comes to hand.