The Euphorics have today released a new music video for their fans and the generally curious to see on YouTube.

This new video is a cover of Jayme Dee’s ‘Tip Toes’ and the song was performed live in Grand Blanc, MI, USA.

The video is nicely put together with footage gleaned from multiple cameras and the quality of the video is excellent considering that it can be hard for cameras to pick up live recordings with ease.

‘Tip Toes’ is the second music video by The Euphorics in under two months which is a great result for fans and the band as it continues to make itself known throughout the world.

Fans will be pleased to know that the band’s Facebook page is on the cusp of reaching 1,500 likes, the total at this time of writing is 1,476 likes.

YMA will continue to report on The Euphorics news as it comes to hand.