Brittany Leo has today released a video containing a snippet of songs from her performance at the Melbourne Zombie Walk.

Readers will be very pleased to know that Brittany is very much alive and was not turned into a Zombie during or after her performance at the event.

The video shows the multi talented performer up close and the quality is fantastic when it comes to video and sound quality which will delight her many fans and those who are viewing her performances for the first time.

Its her first live music video in five months with previous video ‘Let It Go’ generating 140 views so far and hopefully this new video will generate bigger numbers and speaking of big numbers she is just one like away from reaching 6000 likes on Facebook.

Brittany also released a showreel video of her television efforts and viewers as well as potential employers will see that she pretty much has show hosting down to a fine art.

YMA will continue to report on Brittany’s music news as it comes to hand.