Sometimes at YMA we think ‘We haven’t seen a music video from so and so in a while’ and then not long later a new video from them pops up and this was the case with Emma Clair who hadn’t posted a video for over a month and today just after thinking about it she has.

Her new video is a live performance cover of One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ and it was filmed at the Secret Garden Bar down in Enmore.

The quality of this video is excellent with Emma easily seen and heard, you may hear conversations going on in the background but that is standard for videos that are taken from in the crowd and it shouldn’t interfere too much with the experience.

Emma’s last video ‘Burn For You’ has passed 1,000 views so it is keeping the 1,000+ views per video streak going which is now at seven videos.

YMA will continue to update readers on Emma’s music news as it comes to hand.