Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s newest music video is out now and for the first time in a month the Uke is pressed into service.

The song of choice this week is a cover of Meghan Trainor’s ‘Better’ and this new video clocks in at a length of two minutes.

Video and Sound Quality is as usual high with Cassidy easily seen and heard which always delights the fans and the generally curious who tune in every week to see what Cassidy will do next.

Last week’s cover of Sia’s ‘The Greatest’ pulled in 23,000 views in just over a week and there is no reason why ‘Better’ cannot pull in similar numbers for Cassidy as she is on the verge of reaching 800,000 YouTube views since establishing her channel in 2010.

YMA will continue to report on Cassidy’s music news as it comes hand.