Youth Music Alive 2×02 was a production that was long held up by the dreaded chest infection that refused to die and taken multiple bottles of antibiotics and several months to make it go away.

Three months passed between 2×01 and 2×02 and for a time it looked like we weren’t going to have an episode made because we only had Verona who quickly answered the call for music videos but Michelle managed to find Belle and Martine in a short order and coupled with good sunshine and a drop in wind speed, 2×02 was a go.

Production went very smoothly apart from the first run through being cancelled out by a blast of wind resulting in having to go back outside and record once more, After the second run through it was time to put all the pieces together and so all the videos were combined into one, edited smoothly, ticker added and then uploaded onto YouTube which taken almost two hours.

The hardest bit is always awaiting first impressions, An episode that starts out the gate fast will do fine and one that is slow usually doesn’t and we’re mighty hopeful that YMA 2×02 is one that will be the former and not the latter.

So far the feedback has been positive with everyone being pleased with all three music videos and all the rest so that is very pleasing and we hope people become fans of Verona, Belle and Martine.

If you haven’t seen 2×02, It’s below for you and now we move on to the next task, making 2×03.