Samantha LaPorta is our Artist of the Day for August 10 2016.

Samantha is a hard working, young singer who has two videos on her YouTube page, has a ReverbNation page, a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and much more.

Samantha’s FB page has over 1,500 likes and she is ranked #2 on ReverbNation for her area which are both great achievements, Samantha has also won multiple awards in the last couple of years.

The current release is called ‘Summertime Hold On Me’ and it has over 100 views on YouTube so far in it’s early life and the numbers for the music video are expected to grow as word of Samantha’s abilities spread throughout the music world and people make their way to her YouTube channel.

With all of the above, It is easy to see why Samantha has been chosen as our Artist of the Day.