Brooke Falls has continued to release a steady amount of music videos with two released in as many weeks on YouTube.

‘God Bless The USA’ was released for July 4 and will no doubt please our American readers for ‘God Bless The USA’ is considered one of the best American songs when it comes to honouring the country and Brooke sings the song as it is intended to be sung, strong and true without anything over the top.

‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is a collaboration with The Wild Conductor who is a Pianist from Italy and this combination is a good one so the piano playing goes together well with Brooke’s singing and fans of Les Miserables will find it very enjoyable as well as Brooke’s fans and the generally curious.

Both videos are presented well both in video and sound quality and both videos have done well in terms of views and there’s a good chance the views will continue to climb over time.

YMA will continue to report on Brooke’s music news as it comes to hand.