It was a year ago today that ‘YMA Presents Crystal Hofbauer’ was uploaded onto YouTube.

The video was filmed in the Student Amenities room of Deniliquin TAFE with the Art Expo still in place from it’s run a week earlier which is what viewers can see on the right hand side.

This video was a spur of the moment effort and it was unfortunate that the plastic protector of the iPad gave the video it’s foggy look as a protector for the camera is not standard on all iPad covers and taking it out was just too risky the event of it being dropped.

YMA was largely out of action in 2015 due to TAFE commitments that taken up Monday to Wednesday and personal commitments that taken up Saturday and Sunday but things have resumed back to normal in 2016 though it is often wished sometimes that life was going on today.

In a years time we’ll probably be talking about todays events and maybe looking back at the event that will be two years ago in 2017 but for now we hope you will enjoy this presentation.