Today we’re checking in to see how Tyler Wilford is doing, YMA loves what Tyler does ever since he was on Young Talent Time with his bandana and his love for Rock music and have followed his progress since then.

Last December under ‘Awaking Tyler’, Tyler released ‘Live Again’ and it was a great debut although YMA is perplexed why it never zoomed up the Triple J Unearthed charts especially in this age of ‘free’ downloads (in this case it really is free).

Tyler performs regularly at Gods, Musicland, The Balcony and other locations showing that he is an artist in demand particularly around the Mornington Peninsular.

Tyler’s ‘Live Again’ music video is doing reasonably well on YouTube with just over 4,300 views at this present time and it is still rolling forward with views showing it does have a good shelf life and hopefully it will continue to do so for some time.

‘Live Again’  is available on iTunes and Tyler’s Triple J Unearthed page, the Triple J page is cool for most because you can listen to it streamed or download it for free.

YMA will continue to report on Tyler’s music news as it comes to hand.