Aria Taylor this week released her new single “Tongue Tied” on both YouTube and iTunes.

“Tongue Tied” was produced by Shawn Campbell and Shawn really did a fantastic job on it as the shots seamlessly go from one to another which is what a good music video should do.

Video and sound quality are very good so viewers can expect a nice, clear, sharp sounding music video.

“Tongue Tied” is a song that can be used in a variety of locations from clubs to just wanting something to groove to as you do your daily chores or even just cruising down the road to wherever you need to be.

As mentioned earlier, the song is available on iTunes and it can be purchased from this link and YMA hopes that first time listeners or long time fans may be interested in purchasing some more songs from Aria’s back catalogue of music material along with “Tongue Tied”.

YMA will continue to report on Aria’s music news as it comes to hand.